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This flash dating sim is like no other :) Wow, Frontpage and 100k views? Over the course of ten days, the Bomee lost her right forefinger from making this game, using only a mouse for all the graphics. This is my first game and I hope it won't be the last, so please be gentle!

You play as cute Sara on her 30 day quest to be paired up with a hottie before summer ends. :) Look for Bomee's next dating sim early September-December!!

We've all got to suffer, but you made a scene and ruined the mood, so I stand by my words.'You say you don't want people involved - say it to Pete behind closed doors then, not in front of all of us.' Standing up for herself, Megan finished her tirade by stating: 'I just think some of the things you've sad have been unfair. Watching on were Megan's close friends Amber Turner and Yazmin Oukhellou - who were seen noting the situation was 'ridiculous' and upsetting for their friend.

The drama had begun earlier this month when photos emerged of Chloe and Pete looking cosy in a nightclub - with both parties staunchly denying any chance of a romance.

She fiercely wrote: 'Don't come for me on my page unless you want to be blocked!

'Been receiving a lot of uncalled for HATE from TOWIE fans getting a little bit caught up in a TV show.' She went on: 'If I feel strongly about something I will always have a good reason for that.

And to all my NG fans-- there are only a few of you, but I love ya!

For the NG boys, I included a girl for Sara to court, woot.

However, the thought of touching any other part of the female body is a total turn-off. I'm getting tired of this being teased please show me your pussy i need to see your pussy in all it's glory if there was a way i could smell it through the computer that would be better but please start showing your pussy make all your fans happy!And after weeks of tension, the two feisty beauties finally met at loggerheads on Sunday night's episode of TOWIE as they tried to resolve their issues once and for all.Coming to a head at Gemma Collins' Easter party, the blonde, 34, was seen defending her words that Megan had been bringing other people into their dramatic split - brutally stating that 'no one wants to talk' about their breakup anymore. This game may not be distributed or place in other sites other than and New cast of Love Dating Sim II is seen here at *hugs* EDIT: I have refixed the glitches, bugs, and the main menu's interface.I would like to thank the following NG members: zigs_dk for his AS help, Vaught for regarding me as his favorite artist and all his support, sathkyboypruductions for being a cute fanboy, dark_vampyress for being the coolest NG chick, and llxll_Dylan_llxll for loving my flash since the beginning!As far as @p_wicks01 goes he's one of my best friends and a work colleague and that's where it ends!