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The Qarhan Salt Lake area is the Quaternary depocenter of the Qaidam Basin, and carries thick lacustrine sediments, as well as rich potassium and magnesium salt deposits.
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During the consolidation process, business functions are frequently re-engineered and systems are deployed that make these functions even more efficient.In an airline merger, the acquisition of goods and services can be centralized, which helps the merged company adopt a corporate-wide pricing policy.When a company buys out a rival company, it reduces its number of competitors.It also reduces the number of customers for industry suppliers.The benefits and risks are listed as potential because choosing to centralize or decentralize does not automatically create these outcomes. Regardless of whether you choose to centralize or decentralize, what processes, expectations, and mechanisms can you put in place to help mitigate the risks?

For example, airline mergers lead to the consolidation of maintenance facilities, which improves the utilization of both the facility square footage and the maintenance staff.

This document outlines the key considerations, benefits and risks when centralizing or decentralizing functions of an organization.

The purpose is to help inform leaders and their teams of the variables at play and possible impacts associated with each option.

Businesses expand through either organic growth or acquisition.

When a company buys another company, it might become sufficiently large to serve customers on a national or international basis.