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BTW, Deb mentioned that Bali is not a great place to get girls. I'v got an ongoing flight but funds are getting so fucking dire for me here I have not gotten a hotel yet.

Have not bought a return to australia may need to hold up in cambodia and get some cash teaching english.

I was staying with a friend of my dads who worked for the central bank and years earlier the central bank had been bombed and they had lost like a third of their staff. In terms of nightlife there wasn't much, but bear in mind this was 2003/4. Also went to a nice elefant farm, some decent beaches.

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I wanted him to shoulder more of the responsibility for earning, but we could live more than adequately on my earnings, so he didn’t have any impetus to do so.’But before they moved, her busy life was thrown into tumult: in spring 2005, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

And in true teenage style, to begin with they were very much wrapped up in themselves.‘For eight years we’d rarely made love. Neither of us played away — that would have been disrespectful. A lot of couples limp on in such adequate relationships for the sake of the children.

‘I asked Colin if he would move out and he flatly refused.

Not really it was casual and they just stopped calling me. Completely different field with actual humane hours and potentially decent pay.

Did same kind of work for another company today and yesterday. Do you think the reason aboriginals look so much like neathandertals is because they pretty much are.