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This was on a personal as well as intellectual level — when I was dating, I viewed black and hispanic women as potential dating (and potentially, marriage) partners.

I’ve long had the impression that any prohibitions on interracial marriage are far in the past.

Mc Conkie wrote that interracial marriage is discouraged by the church.

(Apologists have suggested a number of explanations, arguing that Brigham Young’s statement may have been a warning not to have premarital sex with Blacks and that Bruce R.

Can we assume that any teachings against interracial marriage went out the door with the 1978 Declaration?

Or in other words, am I safe in my post-1978 assumption that the idea that interracial marriage is wrong or sinful, is officially bunk?

Yet over the years I have run into statements made here and there, often by older members, to the effect that interracial marriage is a sin today, or should be discouraged even today. Monson taught this in conference in the past decade? When was the last time any such statements were made?

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There were more than 4.5 million interracial couples in the US in 2011, according to the 2010 Census data.A commenter at Approaching Zion suggests that interracial marriage is wrong.The commenter, a critic of feminism, lists as one of the harms of feminism was that it “encourages single men to marry outside their race and culture.” What exactly is the status of church doctrine on interracial marriage, anyway?Attitudes toward interracial marriages are less of a barrier today than ever before, with a 2011 Gallup Poll estimating that 86 percent of Americans support interracial marriage at least in theory, up from 20 percent in 1968.Members of interracial marriages or partnerships often tell a different story, though. The assumption that I was rescuing a slave from a rice paddy is offensive, and reveals that many people in the US still look at China as being filled with peasants in mud huts.Asian Americans marry outside their race at a higher rate than almost every other ethnicity, with 28 percent of Asian American newlyweds choosing a non-Asian partner in 2010.