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When I run this script on my Dell Mini 9 with built-in webcam, I get a Tk window that shows myself, in a live video stream.The framerate seems to be on par with every other video app I've ever used, with maybe a half-second delay or less.Lowering the resolution to 320x240 and the video stream is fast and snappy again, and no more memory leaks!I've updated the code with my final proof-of-concept version.This page includes a listing of our motorcycle video camera reviews and accessory reviews.Note that motorcycle video cameras currently fall into three shape categories: tubular, square and box shape. Feed your curiosity with tools that help you take your exploration of auras, chakras and energy fields even further.At Gaia stream 7,000 original programs, yoga & meditation practices and inspiring films designed to empower your conscious life.*Your aura emanates approximately 2 feet beyond the physical body and can be altered based on internal and external changes.

This made the task of splitting the jpegs much easier, as I'm not quite up to snuff on my regexp skills and don't recall the syntax for how to split while keeping the split delimiter as part of the output.

This questionnaire attempts to accurately assess the functionality of your chakra system (your inner energy generator) and project an approximation of what your auric field might look like in order to give you a better understanding of how your energy impacts you and those around you.

Without the use of Curlian or Bio-wellness technology, we are basing the results on your written survey.

I eventually pieced together the following ffmpeg command which activates the user's camera and streams the output as a motion jpeg (which seems to really be just a bunch of jpegs concatenated together, each one beginning with the jpeg magic number \x FF\x D8): With this I was able to open it as a filehandle and read all the jpegs out of it...

and once I got a script put together that would write said jpegs into individual files, I started putting together my Tk webcam viewer! /usr/bin/perl -w # Perl/Tk Webcam Streamer and Snapshot Taker # Proof of Concept # Author: Casey Kirsle, use Tk; use Tk:: JPEG; use MIME:: Base64 "encode_base64"; # Some things that might need to be configured.