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For example, a new baby in the home brings new sounds, smells, and people, as well as changes in routine.

Your dog may not be getting as much attention as previously.

This message could be about whose territory it is, about the dog's social order or advertising mating availability.

Dogs use urine marking to show their dominance or to claim something as belonging to them.

Many of these dogs are lacking in confidence and by marking new objects it makes them feel more secure having deposited their own scent on these objects.

Some dogs will never mark in their own house but will embarrass you by marking if you visit a friend or relative's home.

Some spray collars are for barking only and automatically deliver a spray whenever the dog barks. Don't forget to praise your dog when he marks in an appropriate place.

If you are outside and he marks on a tree or other acceptable object or area tell him what a good boy he is. Dogs learn quickly from positive responses to their behavior.

Some dogs feel the need to lift their leg and pee on all new things that enter your house, shopping bags, visitors belongings, new furniture, children's toys etc.

Some people have reported that it has only taken a day or two using the intense supervision method.

Watch your dog for any signs (such as sniffing and circling) that he is even thinking about marking.

With urine marking the dog deposits a smaller amount of urine.

Marking in the house is usually done to an upright surface such as a doorway, table leg or piece of furniture.