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She closes the door.) So, um, I had a great time last night.
The Cape May County Clerk’s Office Archives is open Monday through Friday from a.m.

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He liked the way I reacted to the news, and declared how much he liked me now. The tour continues, and en-route to the ‘final’ bit of sight seeing I had agreed to – where we would be overlooking the city – we walk by the local mental hospital.

Speaking very softly, and in remarkable detail, he was able to tell me which sections of the hospital housed what type of ‘crazy’ person.

My perception about Islam – now that I have seen it in practice – had made me realise how beautiful the religion is, and how misguided Western civilisation is in its perceptions, especially in the post 9/11 world.

I think of the mass media in how it contantly asks questions along the lines of ‘Can Islam and democracy work?

He asked about the difference between Australia and New Zealand, and he asked to see my photos (again). I agreed reluctantly, saw the very important picture he wanted to show me (the devil being defeated by someone) and then I said I really had to go now. A lot of people there don’t quite understand how their civilisation – which stands with the greats of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome – has been forgotten by the world.

He asked where had I just come from, and whether he could see my photos (for the third time). He then began asking when I would leave, and if we could meet the next day. He asked if he could see me at the bus station to send me off. The Persian Empire started as one of the three Aryan tribes to inhabit Iran before it ruled the Ancient world (Iran in Farsi, means “Aryan”).

I was tempted to ask how he knew all this, but I didn’t want to provoke any negative reactions. ” I replied by saying I did not feel comfortable, because in my culture, men don’t show affection like that. The Iranian experience Geographically, Iran is amazing.

I insisted we continue, so that I could end this tour as quick as possible. He continued, “But I want to hug and kiss you because I really like you and I love Australia”. The locals are very proud of the fact that their country has four seasons.

I discovered I was not able to get a flight out of the country to my next destination – a crucial assumption for my entire trip (although I did manage to get one later – double price however).And a little more problematic – having two of my 0 US bills being identified as counterfeit – a slight problem considering I had no access to any other means of money, as credit cards don’t work and international links to banks like mine in Australia, don’t exist.My first few days in Iran were marked with me being in an absolutely negative mindset, and I was enjoying myself as much as one would when sharing a prison cell with a big fat sex-crazy cell mate called “bubba”.The Government-led propaganda effort is very over-the-top.This is at the former US embassy, now known as the Den of Espoinage.As we left the mosque, I subtly asked why he needed the tablets.