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Whipped into shape beautiful - or was it the other way around.But it really worked.'But Len teased the duo for their sexy take on a Viennese Waltz, saying: 'I wasn't exactly transported to old Vienna.'When he said it was 'a tad on the aggressive side,' John stepped forward and smiled: 'That's my girl, she's aggressive.'Nikki got a score of 21, and when John was asked how he would have scored it he said: 'I just want to know if she'll go out for dinner with me after this.'In rehearsals, Artem had insisted he knew 'nothing' about Fifty Shades Of Grey, but when he started getting rough in rehearsals Niki teased him: 'Did you watch the movie last night or something?''There was no crime and there was no mystery,' Len Goodman insisted as Drew got a total of 23, telling him: 'Drew, you're on a roll.'NBA legend Derek Fisher had one of the most upbeat performances of the night to his guilty pleasure of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air — but also insisted it was inspired by the tragedy in Vegas.'I enjoyed tonight immensely because how thankful we all are to be here, to have the chance to dance when others don't have that dance,' he said, getting 21 for his cha cha.'So I just wanted to smile and have fun and do the best I can.I'm just thankful to be here.''If Will Smith's watching this show he'd be proud of you,' Len had told him.''I mean it does sound kind of exciting,' he admitted, turning to the crew and smiling: ''Please take away the cameras.''Violinist Lindsey Stirling, meanwhile, had the perfect ending to a terrible week — getting the highest score of the season after breaking up with boyfriend Ryan Weed.'It's been a rough couple of weeks — my relationship of a year-and-a-half came to an end a week ago.

'Tonight, two new favorite dances.'Jordan had explained that his love of comic books came from not fitting in at school, saying: 'I was gifted in the arts when I was young — kids are mean and they love to make fun of that.

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John Cena was put on the spot on Dancing With The Stars on Monday after his fiancee Nikki Bella steamed up the stage with the sexiest dance of the season.

Fellow WWE star Nikki, 33, wore a dress that looked like a negligee for her sexy routine inspired by her guilty pleasure of Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The camera quickly flashed to proud fiancé John, 40, clapping proudly in the audience - with host Tom Bergeron, 62, bringing him onto the stage to share his feelings.