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Sarah English is endearing and dynamic as the wild Prunella, but I found that I was swept away by her disturbed cries for help into a subplot that Green abandoned far too hastily.Jenn Buffett, as the Canadian protagonist Karen, played her character radiating a constant bitter and negative energy, regardless of whether she was being told about the history of Egypt, about Prunella’s suicide attempts or her boyfriend’s stomach aches.Despite his inherently stereotypical character Duane Murray gives a beautiful performance as Piotr, the Russian, with great comic timing and a very convincing accent.Andre Sills is brilliant as the passionate Egyptian tour guide, oozing charm and also providing great comic relief as well as a slightly disquieting intensity.Phineas Mac Enchee (Eddie Pepitone) is named Employee of the Week.Spanish radio personality El Chupacabra (Nick Kroll) stops by, does some impressions, and gives his slogans for Craigslist and The View.

Scott directs a scene in which Jon describes how he and Scott met.Scott tries to surprise a fan with a home visit but when she's not home he tries to find her in the style of Law and Order.Michael Cera sit downs for an interview where he discusses his birth and the upcoming Angry Birds movie. Tompkins) stops by and describes how he was bitten by a cake bug and was given the gift of second sight.It is clear from this play that Green is a promising playwright.He has a particularly fantastic talent for capturing the dialects of his colourful characters and being able to write in broken English in communicating the sense of what his characters are saying, yet adhering to the grammatical structure from a different language. Scott and Zach Galifianakis discuss their favorite ways to laugh.