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The north side of the mountain was bulging, blowing up like a balloon as the magma moved into it.Scientists were scrambling to study the volcano, and predict its course.When a new hot-spot first rises from below, the top must push through the mantle and crust, and the resistance of the stuff in the way of the rising column causes its top to spread out like the head of a thunderhead, or of a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb, or of a blob in a lava lamp, and for the same reasons.When that wide head reaches the surface, immense lava flows can be produced that spread across state-sized areas and bury them hundreds of feet deep.

Hot spots are creatures of another type in the zoo of Earth’s features, and especially interesting creatures at that.Approximately 60 people were killed in the blast and landslide; some were buried under hundreds of feet of steaming mud and their bodies were never recovered. Helens Volcanic Memorial today has little in common with conditions pre-1980.President Jimmy Carter scowled at the disaster from a helicopter. And in the shadows of the other Cascades volcanoes, people continued building houses in regions of known volcanic hazard. The center of the volcano was more than 1/2 mile (nearly 1 km) lower after the eruption than before, with the missing rock spread over the surrounding countryside, forming a visible layer as far as 900 miles (1500 km) away. Helens put enough ash in the air to halt traffic because of reduced visibility, hundreds of miles from the volcano.) Many of the trees knocked over by the blast still lie there—hundred-foot-long toothpicks pointing in the direction of the searing winds of the blast. Helens has also been the most active of the Cascades volcanoes over the most recent centuries.Small eruptions occurred, and hot springs and fumaroles (steam or gas vents) became increasingly active.The Toutle floor now sat higher than the smaller streams that fed it, and lakes began to form; only quick work by the Army Corps of Engineers prevented those lakes from overtopping the mud damming them, cutting quickly down through it and releasing further floods.