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Rennie married Ruth, and they had a daughter together.

After five years of marriage they separated and divorced.

A committee of three was formed to investigate this allegation, but it was immediately suspended due to the pending Aitken and Others versus the Presbytery of Aberdeen case.

On 25 May, the General Assembly passed a motion moved by Allan Mc Cafferty, which clarified the General Assembly's will that Rennie be inducted into the charge of Queen's Cross Church, without further hindrance: For the avoidance of doubt affirm that the provisions of this whole motion shall in no way be interpreted as offering grounds for challenging the decision of the General Assembly of 2009 in the Referred Case heard in Session V and all other related matters of process [emphasis added].

WATCH: Due to inclement weather on Friday, area teams looked to punch their ticket to the second round of the playoffs on Saturday.

Debate on the Lochcarron-Skye overture was postponed until Monday 25 May, when it was decided to establish a two-year Special Commission on the issue reporting in 2011.

"Everyone and anyone is welcome at Queen's Cross Church - that's the way Jesus was, and that's the way we are.

If they don't want to join us in worship and choose to protest, then that will be up to them." Mr Rennie added: "I know a lot of people are concerned by their visit, but I am quite relaxed about it.

On Wednesday 3 June, an Angus Presbytery Investigating Committee met to consider the allegation against Rennie that his 'lifestyle' was not acceptable for a minister of the gospel.

However, this charge was not upheld and Rennie was released to move to Aberdeen Presbytery, where he was subsequently inducted into the charge of Queen's Cross Parish Church on Friday 3 July at 1900.