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A total in-your-face economic dictatorship is within the grasp of the New World Order crowd.

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Having a licence means you can consume alcohol in your own home.It’s vital to remember that, despite the fact that no-one will be hunting down unlicensed drinkers in hotels, restaurants and bars, it is still illegal to drink at those establishments without a licence.This rule also applies to hotels, although no hotel will likely ask for proof of marriage before a stay.Giving birth outside of wedlock is also illegal in the UAE, and it is not unheard-of for women who have just had a child to be prosecuted, followed by deportation.Step outside the venue, or get into a taxi that is subsequently involved in an incident that alerts the police, and more often than not the passenger will be checked for alcohol consumption.

Child custody is known as Hadana, an Arabic phrase that means holding a child close to one’s heart by protecting and educating.

And in a reflection of local traditional gender roles, generally upon divorce a mother will be given custody while the father becomes his child’s guardian. In that case, the mother’s sister may take care of the child.

If the wife does not have a sister, then custody will be passed to the next female kin on the mother’s side of the family, for example her mother, or a cousin.

Marriage may be considered, before a child is born, as it is the act of birth itself that is considered a crime.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority bills must be paid solely by the person whose name appears on the bill, says Sunil Thacker of Sunil Thacker Associates.