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Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and Lily Collins (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones) finally met each-other in a very different book adaptation; Love, Rosie. It's a lengthy romance similar to When Harry Met Sally spanning 10 years, a baby, and many very awkward situations.
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“This is nothing more than a timing issue,” Richards was quoted in Soltes’ book. 30, 2000, CA prematurely recognized more than .3 billion in revenue from at least 363 software contracts that CA, its customer or both parties hadn’t yet executed, in violation of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.“I didn’t feel that I was doing anything wrong.” However, the Securities and Exchange Commission did. In 2006, Richards was sentenced to seven years in jail. Some of the students in Soltes’ classes who studied the Stephen Richards’ case, many who are already business people, harshly criticized Richards for the ease in which he’d succumbed to institutional and market pressures.“From my perspective,” Richards says in Soltes’ book, “the preprinting of dates was nothing more than a subtle reinforcement to the customer that something needed to happen before a particular time.” However, Soltes says, in preprinting the dates, Richards and his sales people effectively eased the end-of-quarter rush by artificially extending the quarter to include several additional days.

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Soltes writes in his book that Richards, the global head of sales at CA, would often sweat out the last days of each quarter because customers would wait until the last possible minute to try to get the best deals.

“He sent this beautiful cursive handwritten letter joking how he doesn’t have Microsoft Word available in prison,” Soltes said during a recent interview with Fraud Magazine.

As global head of sales, Richards helped backdate contracts that clients signed after the quarters officially ended, Soltes says.

So, it was like they gave him some money, he grew it, but then he took it away, so it’s no harm in the end. So, he was able to have some comfort because of how he’s able to view the world in that very particular manner,” Soltes says.

“Madoff isn’t a disturbed or sinister person,” Soltes says. He’s normal on every dimension when you’re having a conversation with him.