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Este aprendizaje se basa en 4 pasos, que consiste en simplificar los criterios, de selección de las bases y mezcla de las mismas; para seguir un criterio ordenado de trabajo.

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In Oz the Reflection, it is mentioned that the reason that Rakshata entered the field of was in the hope of ending wars, and that she had hardened her heart to do so.

A scientist hailing from the Military District of India, little has been revealed of Rakshata's past but it is known that she studied at the Imperial Colchester Institute.

She even has one installed on the bridge of the Black Knights' flagship, the Ikaruga.

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Despite her efficiency, Rakshata is very laid back and easy going, usually seen laying on a couch when not actively working (and sometimes even when she is actively working).

She is captured and imprisoned along with the rest of the Black Knights after the fall of second prince Schniezel.

While incarcerated, she argues with Lloyd over the nature of progress.

However, she mentions that the endurance and range need more work.

Zero goes missing along with Kallen, Suzaku and Euphemia after Schneizel gives the order to fire at them.