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And it’s not something you do on a whim, after one too many shots of whiskey at Club 90 South. Mc Murdo Station, on Ross Island, is considered “the New York City of Antarctica” because many visitors to the continent either go there or pass through the facility en route to another station.On the contrary, getting naked in Antarctica is a hallowed tradition that requires planning and teamwork. Palmer Station, on Anvers Island, is smaller and only accommodates 46 people at most.Antarctica, as my colleague Olga Khazan explained in 2013, is basically outer space on earth.Scientists who hole up at Antarctic research stations during the continent’s eight-month-long winter deal with serious burdens of both the physical and mental sort: the cold is deadly, the darkness oppressive.

Once you have travelled to South America, there is about half the world in between you and home again with a whole wealth of opportunity to visit many other counties on your outward or return journey, you're travelling anyway, so make the most of it.

A fair bit of anticipation precedes the event; the temperature only drops below -100 a few times each winter, and when it does, you’ve got to be ready to go.

Inside the station, key weather information is displayed on a video screen.

It takes about seven days sailing to reach Antarctica from Australia or New Zealand, the journey there and back is usually broken up with visits to the wildlife rich Macquarie Island there is no quick way of doing this, sailing to Antarctica and back alone takes around 12 days even if there were no stops at Sub-Antarctic islands along the way.

There are fewer trips departing from this region than there are from South America meaning less choice of dates and of ship.