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You could probably do a: factor = foo * clmd-spring_length_scale : 1.0f; to just have it disabled when the factor is 0, not that I really understand if having a 0 spring length is valid or not.

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The main character of Air Pressure performs self-harm in what is expressed as him cutting, something alluded to early in the story as he says: That is skillful allusion that the game player wouldn’t get until the end of the game. Get'cha head in the game, because we're all in this together!Hi everyone, I have just added a simple air pressure feature to Blender cloth simulator, and spring length scaling factor, hope it will be useful for somebody See screenshots: blender262.3-3And there is a You Tube video demostrates this feature (warning, a bit outdated): but I'm afraid that new users can't post link...I forget I try to keep this segment short (because I’m use to usually dealing with games that just boggle the mind at how tasteless they are).Game creator Bento Smile has created a game with some of the strongest story elements I have ever seen.But when I open old blend files contain Cloth simulation, the property is loaded as 0.0, breaks the simulation What should I do to let the program load the default value correctly if old blend file doesn't contain this property?