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The Hillsboro museum is operated by NARG, whose members are private researchers with experience and interests in paleontology, paleonbotany and geology who study the Pacific Northwest.

Andrew Bland, one of nine NARG members seeking fossils, first located the crocodile bones during a weekend trip in October 2005.

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The reptiles' short stubby legs would have allowed them to move about land, where they may have laid eggs.Fossils similar to the Oregon crocodile appear today in many areas around South China, Orr said.Orr theorizes that the remains in Oregon migrated eastward in rock by continental drift, a theory of land movement in geological time now encompassed under plate tectonics.Ancient rocks harbored microbial life deep below the seafloor, reports scientists.This first-time evidence was contained in drilled rock samples of Earth's mantle -- thrust by tectonic forces to the ..."While fossil marine crocodiles frequently occur in Jurassic rocks of Europe and Africa, they are scarce in North America," Orr and his wife Elizabeth L.