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Accommodating prison population growth

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Then factor in America’s relatively low number of paid vacation days granted by their employers, and you can quickly begin to see the many reasons many Americans simply don’t see the need to obtain a passport.

It’s also worth pointing out that although this number isn’t great (and certainly is far below the percentage found in countries in other parts of the world such as in Europe), at least Americans aren’t as bad in this respect compared to, say, the Chinese, where only about 5% of the population has a passport.

For those keeping score, the fact that 46% of Americans have a passport means that a little less than half the population can’t fly to Canada, let alone travel to any other country in the world. states have the highest and lowest percentage of their population with valid passports.

As reflected in the graphic above courtesy of the U. Department of State, 2016 showed a pretty healthy increase in the number of passports issued from 2015, and an overall trend upwards since the 10-year low of 2011. As can be viewed in the top graphic, those states with the lowest percentages are clustered in the South, Midwest, Upper Midwest, and the Great Plains States.

Personal trainer Kamran Raja, 37, launches a tirade of abuse while standing in a cell with his gang in HMP Birmingham.

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He signs off by boasting: 'That's how we roll.'The 37-year-old was jailed for ten years for causing death by dangerous driving after he smashed into Edward Harris's car at 'motorway speeds' in a 40mph area.

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I had no idea what the answer was, so I decided to do a little research, and the answer is somewhat surprising.Finally, Americans that do have valid passports actually travel a lot. Matt Stabile is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Expeditioner.The United States ranks third in terms of the number of departures to countries other than their own (behind Hong Kong and Germany) with 68.3 million trips abroad. K., Poland, Canada, Italy and France are right behind the U. To find out how to get the process going if you don’t have a passport, all you need to do to start is to visit the official U. Passports and International Travel web site for the U. The Expeditioner was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in New York City.A good number, unless you compare that to the numbers from countries with far less populations that rank above or near the U. You can read his writings, watch his travel videos or contact him at any time at The A speeding Audi driver who killed an 85-year-old man in a horror crash has been filmed threatening to kill his rival just one week after starting his jail term.The quick answer is that yes, the majority of Americans do not have a passport.