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Until December 2015, domestic violence was not a specific criminal offense.
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Also, appealing to anything except the Bible as an ultimate authority would not only be anti-Christian, it would also nullify their previous argument of professing to be a Christian—since an ultimate authority does not appeal to anything except itself.

It is impossible to submit to both the Bible and the Constitution as an ultimate authority—because the Laws of Logic would prohibit this—since two propositions cannot both be right and wrong at the same time. Third, the First Amendment of the US Constitution states that the free-exercise of religion is for all Americans to practice their faith, but does that mean a Christian service member should accommodate or support things that are contrary to their faith? Also, is it wrong for a professing Christian service member to say, “I support the rights of all Americans to practice their faith since the Constitution protects their rights? Consider this theoretical question: If a young-woman in the military said that she was pregnant and wanted to abort (murder) her child, because she alleges that her faith would necessitate this right, would you accommodate or support that young woman to murder her child since you allege that the Constitution protects her right to have an abortion?

Christian service members must share the Gospel with unbelievers so they can be saved, not support unbelievers to worship their false gods that will lead them to hell.

Second, professing Christian service members must answer this important question: “Do you appeal to the Holy Scripture, or the US Constitution as an ultimate standard to measure your conduct?

If it is known that a student with a HA/CI/FM system or sign language interpreter is going to participate in a school sanctioned sport, it is the school’s responsibility (whether it’s the athletic department, teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing, educational audiologist or some school official) to contact the governing body over athletics in the state to get a letter stating that this accommodation is allowed.

This letter should be carried by the coach so in the event they are being questioned by an official, they have documentation.

All children have the right under the law to access these after school activities in the least restrictive way just as they have a right to access the academic offerings of a school. I Didn’t Hear You provides the student, parent, coach, athletic director, principal, school-board member and educational audiologist with all the information needed to make athletics accessible in the most cost-effective, comfortable way.

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If a professing Christian service member appeals to the Bible, all their thoughts, words, and deeds are to be examined and resolved with the Holy Scripture that points to Christ—not the Constitution.For instance, if there is a soccer team for students at the school, the student with hearing impairment should have the right to try out for that team.If needing to receive instructions during tryouts is essential for a successful tryout, then the student with hearing impairment is entitled to whatever is needed for him/her to receive the instructions. It is common for individuals to perspire while playing sports.True Christianity produces a love for God, a hunger for His Word, fervent prayer, devotion to a local, Bible-believing church, and not a military chapel.The imputed righteousness of Christ that is credited to those who come to Him by faith alone, will enable believers to hate the things that God hates, and love the things that God loves.Lastly, Christians in the Armed Forces who appeal to Scripture alone and do not support anything that God hates, must be ready to give an account for why they are not willing to support or accommodate everyone’s religious requests.