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We all thought, 'I don't need to do that anymore.' War is the worst thing humans do. It also brings out some of the best of human behavior." When Burns heard in the late '90s that World War II veterans were dying at a rate of 1,000 per day, he made his second war documentary, "The War," which aired in 2007. Which is why the late, great Yogi Berra - featured in Burns' "Baseball" film - might chuckle at the title of tonight's first episode in Burns' latest film, "Vietnam." With "Déjà Vu," Burns returns to the subject of mass armed conflict all over again.

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Also if you wish to perform contrast testing then please read our dedicated page on this Select the CSS Level you wish to test against from the drop down, or select the blank option if you do not wish to validate your CSS.This option allows you to validate the contents of will raise a warning, but will still be validated against the chosen CSS level.But some vendor extensions do not conform to the latest specifications and may also report an If you specify a value greater than 1, Total Validator will follow any links on the starting web page, and keep on validating until it has checked the number of pages specified. If you have selected a CSS validation then external style sheets are included in the total count of pages validated.The fewer pages you check the quicker the validation will Total Validator will validate the page you specify using the validation options you've chosen.The starting page can either be a URL or a reference to a local file If you have the Pro version you can validate more than one page using the Pages option.

Total Validator keeps things nice and simple and just displays the errors and warnings for those tests that can be automated.

So you must at some point manually check that your pages are accessible, as passing all automated tests may not be enough to make your pages accessible.

Further information on our recommendations regarding accessibility testing may be found here.

Note that selecting AA will also perform all the A tests, and selecting AAA will perform all of the AA and A tests as well.

There are also three levels to choose from for WCAG 1.0 covering the Priority 1, 2 and 3 guidelines: A, AA, and AAA.