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This tour explores central Phnom Penh and includes colonial buildings as well as modern, post-independence architecture.

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Unfortunately, under the control of the amulet, he tries to get Jake and Marceline back to the Nightosphere as he has become evil, but the Lord of Evil rips the amulet off Finn and puts it back on, explaining to Marceline that he is proud of her no matter what she does, and that he actually likes her friends (Finn and Jake).Marceline closes the Nightosphere portal, and after stating her surprise at her dad for liking Finn and Jake, she jokingly says she does not want to hang out with them anymore.Hearing this, Finn gets angry, slapping the Lord of Evil's sandwich out of his hands, and goes back to rescue Marceline.

• Jake The Brick • Dentist • The Cooler • The Pajama War • Evergreen • Astral Plane • Gold Stars • The Visitor • The Mountain • Dark Purple • The Diary • Walnuts & Rain • Friends Forever • Jermaine • Chips and Ice Cream • Graybles 1000 • Hoots • Water Park Prank • You Forgot Your Floaties • Be Sweet • Orgalorg • On the Lam • Hot Diggity Doom • The Comet Bonnie and Neddy • Varmints • Cherry Cream Soda • Mama Said • Football • Marceline The Vampire Queen • Everything Stays • Vamps About • The Empress Eyes • May I Come In?

Soon after hearing their song, other demons join them in the revolution to overthrow Marceline.

They reach Marceline and finally manage to take off the amulet that was controlling her.

This is Part 2 of a two-part episode, coming after "Return to the Nightosphere." The episode begins where Part 1 left off, with BMO charging Jake's phone.

Jake is wearing a green towel and a blue shower cap (presumably having just had the shower referred to at the end of the previous episode).